New store bought dairy free bread! -Review

Here in Hawaii, where 90% of store bought breads come from the local bakery Love’s which always uses forms of lactic acid in their breads, I get super excited when I find a new bread in the store that I can actually eat, especially since Rudy’s Organic (my go to bread) is only available at stores 30 minutes away.

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Fyrstekake (prince cake)

One of my favorite food memories from my childhood is fyrstekake: a tart, of sorts, filled with heavenly marzipan.

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Apple cinnamon roll roses

I hosted a brunch this weekend and wanted to make something that was aesthetically pleasing and very yummy. I found the idea for these apple roses on Pinterest, though I did a bit of changing to dedairyfy them and because I forgot to actually pin the recipe.

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Protein filled filling bread–that impresses, too!

I absolutely LOVE making and eating challah bread! The thin cust is slightly crunchy with a wonderfully dense yet easy to eat crumb. Most of the liquid in the bread comes from eggs, making the bread itself filled with protein and very filling. And what a stunner! A six part braid is glazed with egg and sprinkled with seeds for added texture, look, and crunch. The bread comes out nicely golden, so I like using black sesame seeds and poppy seeds on top for contrast.

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Grilled rosemary strawberry shortcake

Smoky rosemary shortbread topped with whipped coconut cream and strawberries tossed in honey and an unsuspected spice.

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The five C’s rolled into one: Chocolate, Caramel, Coconut, Coffee, and Cream

Talk about decadence! Silken chocolate coffee mousse layered with creamy coconut caramel and topped with lofty cream. Heavenly! And who needs dairy? This dessert rivals any restaurant offering; it just so happens that it’s dairy free and gluten free.

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Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Based on the recommendation by Yotam Ottolenghi in his book “Plenty More” I bought a pomelo.The pomelo is like a grapefruit on steroids, an exaggerated version with seriously thick pith under the skin and very chewy membrane best cut out.

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