Let’s-pretend-it’s-healthy-because-it’s-pineapple dessert

Living in Hawaii comes with perks, such as fresh pineapple year round. But don’t get caught stealing one from the fields: the fine is $5000!

We went camping a month ago and was offered a local delicassy of grilled pineapple. The pineapple had been brushed with a mixture of melted butter and honey before grilling. Since I can’t eat butter, I quickly thought of the leftovers from my cinnamon roll pancakes (melted dairy free butter with brown sugar and cinnamon) and brushed my pineapple with this, instead. It was amazing! And I even had a couple of people confess they liked “my” version better, though maybe they just felt sorry for me and said so out of pity. I’ll never know.

Regardless, since I enjoyed it so much, I wanted to repeat the success today since I would be grilling hamburgers, anyway, but I wanted to vamp up on the coconut flavor and used Nutiva’s Coconut Manna, made from puréed coconut–and nothing else. If you can’t find Coconut Manna, use coconut butter or coconut oil instead. Here’s what I did:


1 fresh pineapple

1/2 C / 100 ml melted Coconut Manna by Nutiva (or coconut butter, melted, or coconut oil)

1/4 C / 75 ml brown sugar

1 tsp cinnamon

2 tbsp honey


To make pineapple wedges, first cut off top and bottom and leave it standing upright. Then cut all skin off. Cut pineapple vertically into 4 pieces. Cut out the hard middle from each wedge, then cut each wedge in two vertically. Place each wedge on a skewer.

Mix Coconut Manna, brown sugar, and cinnamon, then add honey and mix. Brush over pineapple. Since the brown sugar is not melted, you may find it hard to brush it on. Solution: spoon it on.

Preheat the grill to high heat, then either prepare the grill for indirect heat or turn a burner down to low before placing the pineapple wedges on the grill. The sugar mixture contains a lot of oil, which may ignite if you leave the pineapple over a burner in high, so be cautious. Place the remaining sugar mixture in a piece of aluminum foil with edges bent up so it won’t run out and place over the heat to keep fluid.

Keep spooning/brushing the sugar mixture over the pineapple and turn the skewers ovcasionally until the pineapple is starting to get burn marks and is tender.


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