Apple cinnamon roll roses

I hosted a brunch this weekend and wanted to make something that was aesthetically pleasing and very yummy. I found the idea for these apple roses on Pinterest, though I did a bit of changing to dedairyfy them and because I forgot to actually pin the recipe.

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Protein filled filling bread–that impresses, too!

I absolutely LOVE making and eating challah bread! The thin cust is slightly crunchy with a wonderfully dense yet easy to eat crumb. Most of the liquid in the bread comes from eggs, making the bread itself filled with protein and very filling. And what a stunner! A six part braid is glazed with egg and sprinkled with seeds for added texture, look, and crunch. The bread comes out nicely golden, so I like using black sesame seeds and poppy seeds on top for contrast.

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Soft, white sandwich loaf

I’m working on dedairyfying the recipe for this bread now. I experimented using Melt Organic and dry coconut milk. It turned out well but still not quite what I had in mind as it has a slight aftertaste of coconut, so I will tweak it further and let you know. If you’d like to try the recipe as it (it really does taste good, and putting anything on it like jam, meats, or dipping it in oil will disguise the coconut completely, I promise), I will post my work in progress. Just let me know! 

Boller–the ultimate Norwegian comfort food

Boller, a type of sweet buns, is the ultimate Norwegian comfort food. Sick? Mom will make boller to make you feel better. Bad weather? Mom will make boller to make the day pass by. Birthday? Mom will make boller to celebrate. Ash Wednesday? Mom will make special Fastelavensboller. St. Lucia’s Day? Mom will make boller with saffron. Skiing? Mom will make boller to take along. Guests? Mom will make boller to serve with the coffee.

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Smooth, soft biscuits 

Today’s project was to dedairyfy my favorite biscuit recipe. These biscuits have the smoothest texture from the addition o f boiled egg yolks. I only know of one other baked good that contains egg yolks: berlinerkranser–a Norwegian Christmas cookie, which name roughly translates to Berliner Wreath–with an amazingly smooth almost-sticks-to-the-roof-of-your-mouth-but-not-quite texture.

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Darkish bread with grains

Dark, grainy breads, somewhat dense and immensely filling are among the things I miss the most about living in Norway and Germany. In Europe, you can go into any grocery store and pick up one of these beauties, or, better yet, zip by one of the bakeries on every street corner for amazing selections of breads with whole grains, seeds, rye, oats, barley, millet, or wheat. Or, if you’re in the mood for something lighter or sweeter, there’s ciabattas, baguettes, or wheat rolls,  raisin breads and “julekake” and “voerterkake” in Norway, and rolls, pretzels, and croissants are all proudly displayed in the glass counters. In Norway, we eat bread for breakfast and lunch; in Germany they eat bread for breakfast and dinner–the third meal of the day usually consists of something hot.

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