(Tiny attempt at) sustainable living in Hawaii

I went hunting today. Here’s how it went about:

My youngest does not care for skateboarding; my oldest loves skateboarding. So my youngest often has to come along to the skate park. We recently found a new activity for him once there: fishing for guppies and what must be released aquarium fish in a stream. Throw a piece of bread in the stream and the net will catch seven fish at once. Fun!

Well, a couple of weeks ago we found something else living in that stream: crayfish! So today was a test of sustainability living for Hawaii: we hunted for crayfish. After an hour or so we had nine of them in a bucket. Considering they’re an invasive species, I feel like I contributed to the good of all of Oahu for hunting them.

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Taco Thursday

Many store bought tortillas contain lactic acid, which gives me a major belly ache, so one day I decided to make my own from scratch. And they are wonderful!

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Glazed carrots

Today I got to make and serve my favorite Sunday meal, even though it was only Saturday: lamb. I absolutely love lamb! I had planned to roast the meat, but, before I knew it, it was already five o’clock and no time for roasting. So I tried something new that may just become my new favorite way of cooking a lamb roast: I butterflied and sautéed the whole roast as one piece after rubbing it with liberal amounts of Provence seasoning, salt, and pepper.  When done, it had the most wonderful crust surrounding the tender meat. I finished it with a delectable Madeira pan sauce heavily seasoned with lavender, terragon, and fresh rosemary, fresh oregano, and fresh thyme. Wow!

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