Soft, white sandwich loaf

I’m working on dedairyfying the recipe for this bread now. I experimented using Melt Organic and dry coconut milk. It turned out well but still not quite what I had in mind as it has a slight aftertaste of coconut, so I will tweak it further and let you know. If you’d like to try the recipe as it (it really does taste good, and putting anything on it like jam, meats, or dipping it in oil will disguise the coconut completely, I promise), I will post my work in progress. Just let me know! 

Ode to Julia Child’s apple pie

Is there anything more American than apple pie? Well, I’m sorry to say that I think the French may outdo the Americans on this point.

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Eating out with food restrictions

“I’d like to order the pasta with the meat sauce with no cheese on top, but if the sauce has dairy in it, I’ll try the eggplant sandwich with no cheese with the side of soup as long as the sauce or the soup have no dairy. If the soup has dairy, I’ll take the salad as long as it has leefy greens and no iceberg lettuce.” 

Needless to say, I usually avoid Italian restaurants. 

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Self testing for dairy intolerance

In January 2012, I started having digestive trouble: bloating, cramping, gas, diarrhea, and weight gain. I ignored it until March that year when I sought out a doctor. The following month, by accident, more than anything, I found I had a rare form of ovarian cancer, and I placed the digestive issues on the back burner. It was not until I had recovered from chemotherapy that I felt I had the energy to tackle the digestive issues. Since all tests came back negative, the problem must be food sensitivity, and I went on the low FODMAP diet to attempt to discover what the problem foods were.

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