Apple cinnamon roll roses

I hosted a brunch this weekend and wanted to make something that was aesthetically pleasing and very yummy. I found the idea for these apple roses on Pinterest, though I did a bit of changing to dedairyfy them and because I forgot to actually pin the recipe.

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Ode to Julia Child’s apple pie

Is there anything more American than apple pie? Well, I’m sorry to say that I think the French may outdo the Americans on this point.

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Rhubarb Dessert Soup

Rhubarb is a terribly underutilized vegetable: the few who knows of its existence cannot see past the pie or, in the US, past the strawberry rhubarb pie. By the way, I never quite understood why one would hide the delicious tang or tartness of the rhubarb with sweet strawberry: the tang is the best part! And when rhubarb gets elevated by cinnamon and vanilla, and perhaps a hint of nutmeg, it transcends to the divine.

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