The Cutest class party snack

My oldest is finishing Kindergarten and is having a class party today. Since I’m about to start very vigorous studies, this would possibly be my last chance for a few years to spend any time making a cute snack for him to bring in.


I scoured Pinterest for ideas (like always), and found the cutest mud cups. However, my son is not a fan of pudding, and since I wanted to eat them, too, I thought it better to use blue Jell-O as a dairy free alternative. Oreos are dairy free, so I used the white kind as sand.

Living in Hawaii, I thought finding the little drink umbrellas would be easy, but I was very, very wrong. Five store later I finally found the ones I used, and I like them even better than umbrellas! They’re so cute!

To make 24 cups, I used two of the large packets of Jell-O, 2/3 of a large white Oreo cookie packet, 1 packet of candy, and parts of a regular sized bag of Teddy Grahams.

These snacks were so easy to make and super cute, so I’m looking forward to my youngest starting school so I can make them again.



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