Snickerdoodle cupcakes

At Whole Foods today I saw snickerdoodle cookies. They were by Udi’s, so I had a secret hope they would be dairy free like their breads, but no such luck. I was terribly disappointed as I LOVE snickerdoodle cookies. I also love cupcakes, so when I got home, I decided to combine the two. As usual, I went on Pinterest for inspiration and put several recipes together in addition to customizing more to make mine.

The easy thing to dedairyfy was replacing milk with soy milk, but I wanted more out of the cupcakes. I replaced all purpose flour with cake flour, which meant I had to increase the amount. I also replaced regular sugar with caster sugar, so I decreased the amount of sugar since caster is more finely grained. Using cake flour and caster sugar resulted in a light-as-air crumb.

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Cardamom, pistachio, and rose cupcakes

I have been craving rose water nougat for weeks. Unfortunately, my husband doesn’t care for it so I have refrained from making it. So far. But the craving for something containing rose water has remained with me, so a few days ago I went on Pinterest for recipe inspiration.

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